Thursday, March 5, 2009

This speaks soooo loudly.

Geithner Says Administration Will Ensure Bank Access to Funding
Tim Geithner says that the United States Government will absolutely lend help to avoid the collapse of any major United States bank.

Put differently: when the SecTreas says something like this loudly from the top of a soapbox, he isn't testing out his vocal chords. He is clearly saying "look, I know many of you think that at least on US bank will collapse and maybe more. That isn't going to happen".

Put more differently, Geithner wouldn't typically speak this explicitly unless faced with information that indicated it was very necessary to do so. Why? Because as the heisenberg uncertainty principle indicates that observing something changes it, the political heisenberg uncertainty principle indicates that bringing up bad things tends to make them more likely to happen. Thus, Geithner is willing to bring something up which generally isn't brought up. Ergo, somebody is freaking out enough to warrant strong words now, rather than tears later.

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